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7 Steps To Creating The Ideal Landscape Design For Your Home

7 Steps To Creating The Ideal Landscape Design For Your Home

One aspect of landscape design as it applies to homeowners is that it is not something that they will have to concern themselves with very often. We say that because once a landscape design has been installed it should be several years before it needs to be addressed again, other than if the homeowner moves to another property and has to go through the same process.

The point we wish to make from the above is that it is the case that when a homeowner wishes to have a landscape garden, they are not usually an expert on landscape design unless they hire the help of landcsape designers and thus need several pointers as to how they should proceed. To try to rectify that scenario to some degree, we have put together a guide that takes you through the seven main steps that should be followed when creating a landscape design.

It must be stressed that all that follows will be made easier, and likely to be far more effective, if you first select a landscape architect who can advise and guide you throughout the entire process, including the tasks of planning and implementing the construction of your new landscaped garden.

Step #1 – Decide Upon What You Need And Want In Your Landscaped Garden

The most fundamental aspect of planning your landscape design is first deciding what your needs and wants are concerning your new garden. This applies to the theme, the colours, the features, the privacy levels, materials, the uses of your garden, and so on.

Step #2 – Take Account Of What Currently Exists Within Your Garden

Given that the current boundaries of your garden will likely still be present, these need to be considered. Also, take account of natural factors such as the direction of the sun, typical wind directions, drainage, and the soil types that will influence what and where you plant anything.

Step #3 – Create An Initial Outline Of Your Landscape Design

With steps #1 and #2 being referred to as you proceed, you can now start to create the initial outline of your new landscaped garden. Include the features and garden furniture, as well as where each of the plants you going to include is to be located.

Step #4 – Ensure Your Landscape Design Has A Focal Point

One of the key aspects of the best landscape designs is that they have a focal point. This can be anything you wish including a seating area, a patio, a water feature, a large plant, your lawn, or even a swimming pool if your garden is large enough for one.

Step #5 – Select Which Plants (Flowers, Bushes, Shrubs, Trees, Vegetables, Etc.) You Wish To Include

The choices you make during this step will be influenced by your personal likes and dislikes, the suitability of the plants for the environment you are placing them in such as soil and sunlight, and how each plant augments the overall design of your new landscaped garden.

Step #6 – Choose Your Garden Furniture, Ornaments, And Water Features

In addition to choosing your plants, you also need to make selections for garden furniture, garden ornaments, fixtures, fencing, walls, and water features to name but a few of the other elements of your landscaping.

Step #7 – Make Your Final Decisions, Taking Your Budget Into Account

Until now you have always had the option to change anything about your landscape design, however, now it is time to finalise your choices. This will include confirming the final design and all the other variables within it including plants and features such as garden furniture and ornaments and ensuring they fall within your agreed budget. This is also the point where you make final arrangements for the construction and installation of your new landscaped garden.