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Here is How to Design a Window the Right Way

And what is more generous than a window?

So goes the famous last line from the poem by Pat Schneider. Well, we believe that a window is only as generous as you allow it to be. And the manner in which you have it designed is the key aspect to be taken care of. If you are moving into a house that has already had its windows designed, you can work around it and add your own little quirks to make sure you get the design right. There is, after all, always a way.

Discussed below are some of the most important aspects that go into the making of the right window design.

  • Ensure that the window style is compatible – It would be extremely odd if you had pastel coloured wall painting and bright, neon styled windows. Or wooden windows in the midst of modern décor. Stick to the style that is already a characteristic feature of your home, and let your windows be an extension your home’s personality. The overall result will be a mix of beautiful aesthetics that complement and support each other, instead of resulting in a conflict in the décor. In fact, choosing the right kind of window design can leave an onlooker in awe of the blend.

  • Keep in mind the extent of ventilation required – The primary purpose of a window is to allow for ventilation and cross-ventilation. If you are designing or redoing your living room windows, you could opt for a fixed window, where the amount of ventilation is constant and cannot be adjusted, and you will also wand to adhere to the building code; see this document Window and Door Performance. Bedrooms, on the other hand, are better off with operable windows where the level of light and air let in can be controlled as desired. A still better idea would be to go for a mix of the two, so you can always use the one that you feel like. It is a great feeling to know that you have the freedom of choice.
  • Use homemade décor – If you are on a constrained budget, opting for homemade décor will do you a lot of good. The internet is replete with projects that can be made at home, and the interesting thing is this – you will feel a sense of belonging since the décor was actually crafted out by you. Additionally, you can tweak the borrowed ideas a little to add a personal touch to the styling. This is not always possible when you take the assistance of a styling expert to do or redo your windows.
  • Keep the changing – Remember to design the windows in your in such a manner that it can easily be redone. Having the same décor for years on end can give a stagnant feel to your space. Or, if you are the kind of person who moves homes often, undoing and redoing your window décor all over again can be an unnecessary hassle. To avoid these conflicts, make sure that your décor is easily dismantled. Also, putting it back on should be an easy task. Check these two, and you are nearly good to go. Another perk to having replaceable décor is that you can enjoy the feel of a new home, at least when it comes to your windows. And that will be a breath of fresh air, almost literally!