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Aluminium Windows

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Premium Aluminium Windows for Your Home

Are you still stuck to wood or vinyl windows? It is time to update and switch to the better options that are available at minimal prices. Premium aluminium home windows are a current favourite among the masses.

Here are 10 reasons for their huge popularity:

    • Strength: When deciding on a window for your home one of the essential factors that everyone prioritizes is its durability. In that case, Aluminium windows last for a long period of time for its strength and its resistant feature which eliminates all signs of deformation and decay. Again, it is pretty simple to use aluminium in constructing different shapes as it is light-weight.
    • Maintenance: People often have preconceived notions that aluminium windows are tough to maintain. Not at all! All you need is water and sponge to wipe it clean within minutes. Moreover, you do not even need to paint or touch-up aluminium windows as they are pre-manufactured in a broad range of colours.
    • Energy Efficient: As compared to the other expensive window options like vinyl and fiberglass, aluminium windows can successfully meet energy efficiency standards successfully. Excellent prevention of heat gain and heat loss through the windows is a superb feature that makes aluminium windows stand out.


Scaffolding Accidents

How to Prevent Scaffolding Accidents

Building sites are known to be one of the most hazardous places to work, but within the site, scaffolding would have to be the most dangerous area, simply due to its very nature of being up high with narrow walkways that often have to be traversed with heavy loads. It is to everyone’s benefit that scaffolding accidents be prevented. The worker will certainly benefit, while the employer will save time and costs in keeping employees accident free.

Many scaffolding accidents can be prevented by using common sense. For instance, the walkways should be kept free of debris, equipment and materials so that access is safer. Tripping over or having to step over rubbish is always going to cause problems. Cleanliness on the site is also important. If oil or grease is spilt anywhere on the building site and it gets trodden in, then it will be carried on workboots into other places such as the scaffolding. If the walkways get oil on them, they will become very slippery and dangerous to all who have to work there.

Design a Window

Here is How to Design a Window the Right Way

And what is more generous than a window?

So goes the famous last line from the poem by Pat Schneider. Well, we believe that a window is only as generous as you allow it to be. And the manner in which you have it designed is the key aspect to be taken care of. If you are moving into a house that has already had its windows designed, you can work around it and add your own little quirks to make sure you get the design right. There is, after all, always a way.

Discussed below are some of the most important aspects that go into the making of the right window design.

  • Ensure that the window style is compatible – It would be extremely odd if you had pastel coloured wall painting and bright, neon styled windows. Or wooden windows in the midst of modern décor. Stick to the style that is already a characteristic feature of your home, and let your windows be an extension your home’s personality. The overall result will be a mix of beautiful aesthetics that complement and support each other, instead of resulting in a conflict in the décor. In fact, choosing the right kind of window design can leave an onlooker in awe of the blend.


Electricity Safety

The Danger of Seeing Sparks when Renovating

The only times you should see sparks are if you are watching fireworks or have a campfire burning. If you see sparks in or around your home, it is time to call in the electricians, pronto. Sparks mean that the electrical wiring is shorting out and the risk of fire is great. Take the children and your important documents and stay out of the house until the electrician has arrived to deal with it.

Don’t even think about pouring or spraying water on the area. Water conducts electricity and you are likely to get a bad shock from it. Purists might claim that pure water does not conduct electricity; it is the ions in it that do. Since it is rare for tap water to be pure, the result is the same. Water and electricity do not mix.


Renovating Compact Kitchens

Renovating Compact Kitchens

7 Ideas for Renovating Compact Kitchen

Perceptions regarding the size that define a compact kitchen vary from person to person. Normally, the standard 10′ x 10′ size is accepted for small kitchen.

Before considering various kitchen renovation ideas, the first thought that brushes past compact kitchen owners is that, their kitchen size would limit various amazing kitchen remodelling designs. On the contrary, smaller kitchens actually do have some advantages to boast about.

Kitchen renovations are expensive as there are a lot of things to consider such as additional lighting, plumbing needs, garbage removal, and so on. Furthermore, the materials like marble, granite, stock cabinets, etc. are also very costly. Since the expenses are calculated on a square foot basis and small kitchens are hardly about 100 square feet, hence the overall renovation cost is quite less.

Fundamental Ideas

  • Stick to suitable kitchen designs meant for small kitchens. An essential factor to strictly follow when remodelling kitchen is to choose befitting designs as per the available spaces. Given below are 4 layouts best suited for compact kitchens:
  • One-Wall
  • Galley or Corridor
  • U-Shaped
  • L-Shaped
  • Look out for kitchen areas you can scale down. Here are few instances to consider-
  • Huge sized appliances use up a lot of spaces. A big refrigerator might be a necessity but to save width you need to plan out spaces by eliminating big appliances.
  • Sinks like the huge double sinks and farmhouse sinks are good to get rid of when you are seriously seeking to remodel your tight kitchen spaces. Once removed, you will realize the huge space you get which can be utilized in the best possible way.
  • Depending on your need you can purchase a cost effective dishwasher.
  • Utilize your available out-of-kitchen area for seldom used item.


Make Your Patio Sizzle

Fun Tips to Make Your Patio Sizzle

A patio is one way to enjoy the outdoors while still being comfortable. Many patios are simply a paved area in the garden with no roof or walls at all, but you can create an outdoor area with even more use, if you add a professionally designed roof with the help of Landscape Architects Sydney.

Add to your patio with a roof where you get more shade in the heat of the day and protection from sudden showers. Adding just one wall or screen on the windy side will have the same effect.  Here are some more tips to make your patio a favourite place to hang out for everyone.

  • If your patio roof has strong beams, use chains to fix your sofa or lounge to it, to create a swing-seat with charm.
  • Add a fire-pit. This may not be advisable if you have a roofed patio, but a fire-pit in the close vicinity will add light and warmth and create an ideal place for the family to gather in the evenings when it’s a bit chilly.




FORMERO says an Australian jewellery artist is exploring Selective Laser Melting to create exquisite jewellery from metal powders.

Success within the jewellery industry can be challenging, particularly when competing against mass produced items from retail giants or cheap imports. Jewellers are often finding processes and innovative techniques that can achieve exquisite art forms and still boost profits.

Cinnamon Lee is using Formero’s SLM technology, which builds 3D models from computer designed files. Parts are produced in metals that can be used for finished products, rather than just prototypes.

While SLM was debuted to be used mainly within the manufacturing, defence and aerospace industry, Lee’s adoption of the technology indicates the technology’s applicability to other sectors.

Since Formero’s work with Lee, SLM has spread its applications into other unique, custom manufacturing areas, such as producing dental crown and medical implants.

New Welding Training and Testing Initiative launched in South Australia

ADELAIDEAQUA and SA Water together have launched the new Welding Training and Testing Initiative to secure the key skilled resources for the $1.8b Adelaide Desalination Project.

According to AdelaideAqua, the joint initiative is specific aimed to attract, train and enhance the skilled resource capacity in the area of specialised welding, welding supervision and welder qualifications.

The two training providers selected to design and deliver the training program are Australian Welding Solutions and TAFE SA (Panorama campus).

AdelaideAqua says within South Australia, the metal and engineering industry has reported a lack of available skilled workers, with many large contractors often forced to look interstate and overseas to satisfy project-based work.

The joint initiative is said to not only build essential capability and capacity to service the needs of the highly specialised area of welding for the ADP, but also build on local SA resources which can service other similar projects nationally and worldwide.

SA Water says the desalination project has a need for specialised welding tradespeople, due to the highly-technical infrastructure for its seawater reverse osmosis operations. The project’s construction incorporates well in excess of 4,000m of site run super duplex and other stainless steel pipes and fittings.

thermal spray lab

Swinburne establishes thermal spray lab

SWINBURNE is establishing Australia’s first university-based thermal spray lab, to help Australia’s coatings industry solve thermal spray problems.According to Swinburne Magazine, the research and problem-solving group will be headed by Swinburne’s Professor Chris Berndt.Thermal spray is a coating process in which melted or heated materials are sprayed on to a surface. This process eventually creates a thin coating. It is faster than electroplating and vapour deposition, and can coat metals, alloys, ceramics, and composites.Coating metals and alloys can help prevent corrosion and protect material from high temperatures. They are used in various applications, from car parts to drilling rigs, power station turbines and bridges.The new facility will include training for TAFE and higher education students in thermal spray technology, and provide manufacturing engineers and technicians with coatings technology expertise.According to Richard Moore, CEO of United Surface Technologies, new coating technologies emerge every year, making it essential for the local industry to have access to developments, problem-solving expertise and trained graduates.

ABB’s VirtualArc robot welding

ABB’s VirtualArc robot welding simulation software teaches robots without waste

ABB says its VirtualArc robot welding simulation software allows welding robots to achieve precise, clean, mass-produced welds.Human welders draw on experience, intuition and trial-and-error to establish the right parameters for a welding job. Transferring this skill to robots can be complex.While robots speed productivity, and provide accurate repeatability of tasks, they can only get the welding right if they have been programmed correctly.

“Teaching” a robot to perform a arc-weld, means providing it with the knowledge that comes from many years of human experience and the intuition that enables it to choose the appropriate process for a new task.Traditionally, experienced welder set up the welding parameters on robots by performing a series of test welds and adjusting parameters to hone the result. This approach uses up materials, manpower and energy.ABB says its VirtualArc software features on-screen optimization of welding parameters, avoiding real-life trial and error, saving welding materials and energy. It can define the exact parameters then test them virtually, without actually carrying out any welds.The software uses a sophisticated simulator that incorporates information on the equipment available, such as the welding device and the power supply, and application data, such as the materials to be used, the plate thickness, and the required joint configuration.Depending on the results of the virtual test, the operator can adjust parameters such as weld speed, torch angle etc. and optimize for maximum productivity and minimum energy use, while maintaining the required quality of the weld and allowing the plant’s robots to continue with their work on other applications.