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South Australian steel award winners proclaimed

THE AUSTRALIAN Steel Institute has announced the winners of the 2008 ASI South Australian State Awards.

The Awards aims to showcase the best in steel design the State has to offer in architecture, engineering and building projects.

Australia’s steel industry employs 72,000 people with annual turnover of $21 billion. Despite the downturn in housing construction, infrastructure works and construction in other areas are seeing a flurry of activity, according to the ASI.

The institute expounded the importance of innovation and inspiration as being central to buildings of significance.

Among the winners of the state awards were local architecture firms Woodhead and Wallbridge and Gilbert for their work on the Adelaide Central Bus Station, and Cameron Ainslie who was named most outstanding Graduate in the industry.

Ainslie, who works with diversified engineering company Ahrens, says he will be remaining heavily involved in the steel industry because the opportunities to design and construct new, efficient and functional structures is nearly limitless.