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ASC prepares workforce for destroyer program

ASC will soon start cutting steel as the starting stage for its manufacture of three destroyers.
The air warfare destroyers are going to be built at the Techport Australia facility at Osborne on the Port River, South Australia.
The first destroyer, HMAS Hobart, will be finished by 2014, with HMAS Brisbane and HMAS Sydney to follow.
A further 140 workers will be recruited by ASC for Techport Australia for the $8b Air Warfare Destroyer contract. As the construction program reaches its apex in 2011, there will be a workforce of around 1000 on the site.
In February 2009, ASC selected ten apprentices as the first intakes to its Apprentice Development Program, to work on the Air Warfare Destroyer program. The ten apprentices are currently working with third-party host companies, while waiting for ASC to finish upgrading its Osborne shipyard.