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New Welding Training and Testing Initiative launched in South Australia

ADELAIDEAQUA and SA Water together have launched the new Welding Training and Testing Initiative to secure the key skilled resources for the $1.8b Adelaide Desalination Project.

According to AdelaideAqua, the joint initiative is specific aimed to attract, train and enhance the skilled resource capacity in the area of specialised welding, welding supervision and welder qualifications.

The two training providers selected to design and deliver the training program are Australian Welding Solutions and TAFE SA (Panorama campus).

AdelaideAqua says within South Australia, the metal and engineering industry has reported a lack of available skilled workers, with many large contractors often forced to look interstate and overseas to satisfy project-based work.

The joint initiative is said to not only build essential capability and capacity to service the needs of the highly specialised area of welding for the ADP, but also build on local SA resources which can service other similar projects nationally and worldwide.

SA Water says the desalination project has a need for specialised welding tradespeople, due to the highly-technical infrastructure for its seawater reverse osmosis operations. The project’s construction incorporates well in excess of 4,000m of site run super duplex and other stainless steel pipes and fittings.