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Renovating Compact Kitchens

Renovating Compact Kitchens

7 Ideas for Renovating Compact Kitchen

Perceptions regarding the size that define a compact kitchen vary from person to person. Normally, the standard 10′ x 10′ size is accepted for small kitchen.

Before considering various kitchen renovation ideas, the first thought that brushes past compact kitchen owners is that, their kitchen size would limit various amazing kitchen remodelling designs. On the contrary, smaller kitchens actually do have some advantages to boast about.

Kitchen renovations are expensive as there are a lot of things to consider such as additional lighting, plumbing needs, garbage removal, and so on. Furthermore, the materials like marble, granite, stock cabinets, etc. are also very costly. Since the expenses are calculated on a square foot basis and small kitchens are hardly about 100 square feet, hence the overall renovation cost is quite less.

Fundamental Ideas

  • Stick to suitable kitchen designs meant for small kitchens. An essential factor to strictly follow when remodelling kitchen is to choose befitting designs as per the available spaces. Given below are 4 layouts best suited for compact kitchens:
  • One-Wall
  • Galley or Corridor
  • U-Shaped
  • L-Shaped
  • Look out for kitchen areas you can scale down. Here are few instances to consider-
  • Huge sized appliances use up a lot of spaces. A big refrigerator might be a necessity but to save width you need to plan out spaces by eliminating big appliances.
  • Sinks like the huge double sinks and farmhouse sinks are good to get rid of when you are seriously seeking to remodel your tight kitchen spaces. Once removed, you will realize the huge space you get which can be utilized in the best possible way.
  • Depending on your need you can purchase a cost effective dishwasher.
  • Utilize your available out-of-kitchen area for seldom used item.

  • If you have been craving for a breakfast bar ever since you saw a superb design on a kitchen remodel magazine then you can get it now. To get the required space, you need to adjust the cooking counter accordingly.
  • To increase your storage capacity you will need to capitalize on kitchen cabinets. To add more cabinets to your compact spaces let go of some unused or extra appliances.
  • Opt for Stock Cabinetry. This is a fabulous idea to renovate compact kitchen spaces for their easy-to-install feature. You will not need any help as they can be installed in simple steps all by yourself. This actually helps you save a lot of money which you would otherwise be spending on labour cost for installation of complicated cabinets.
  • Make full use of cabinet depth. There is a lot of space at the back of the cabinets that is seldom used as they are difficult to reach. Roll-out shelves and lazy Suzan’s are excellent ways to utilize your cabinet depts. To their full capacity.
  • Go for large floor tiles. To make your small kitchen appear larger opt for larger floor tiles rather than smaller ones. Small tiles make kitchen look smaller.
  • Paint your kitchen with lighter shades. To brighten up your dark kitchen select colours with lighter shades. Besides the wall paint, select neutral tones for the counters and bright-coloured wood for the cabinetry.

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