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Make Your Patio Sizzle

Fun Tips to Make Your Patio Sizzle

A patio is one way to enjoy the outdoors while still being comfortable. Many patios are simply a paved area in the garden with no roof or walls at all, but you can create an outdoor area with even more use, if you add a professionally designed roof with the help of Landscape Architects Sydney.

Add to your patio with a roof where you get more shade in the heat of the day and protection from sudden showers. Adding just one wall or screen on the windy side will have the same effect.  Here are some more tips to make your patio a favourite place to hang out for everyone.

  • If your patio roof has strong beams, use chains to fix your sofa or lounge to it, to create a swing-seat with charm.
  • Add a fire-pit. This may not be advisable if you have a roofed patio, but a fire-pit in the close vicinity will add light and warmth and create an ideal place for the family to gather in the evenings when it’s a bit chilly.

  • Find a small cupboard to hold a dish of fruit, drinks, disposable mugs and napkins – and a small bin to put used ones in. This can be as simple as an old set of shelves spruced up with paint and a fancy front curtain to keep the contents private – and reduce dust. Or it can be a unique cupboard decorated by you.
  • While pot plants are often a feature in the patio, consider adding a raised garden bed to one side, close enough that it forms a low wall for the patio furniture to sit against. You can then simply reach back into the garden and pluck a cherry tomato to munch on while relaxing.
  • If your area is windy, add trellises to the corners of the patio to help hold the curtain screens in place. That way you won’t have a curtain slapping you in the face unexpectedly.
  • Add a small fountain or a water feature. The sound of water trickling is very soothing and can offer a welcome cover from the noise of traffic, or any other unwelcome noise that disturbs you. Even if it doesn’t completely drown out the other noise, it gives you something more pleasant to focus on.
  • If your patio area is smallish, consider vertical gardens along one or two walls rather than pot plants inside it. This creates a cool shade as well as a privacy screen. It can also add interest to a bland wall nearby.
  • Match the shape of the table to the shape of the patio for a more cohesive look.

By instigating a few of these tips your patio will soon start to sizzle – in a good way, of course.