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Outdoor Heating that Enhances Your Landscape Design

Outdoor entertaining is becoming more popular as the years go by, but not everyone is well-equipped to welcome guests. What are you supposed to do when the cold night air makes an appearance? It might be time to incorporate outdoor heating into your landscaping design. Here are a few options that might appeal.

Patio Heater

As the name suggests, a patio heater is a heater for your patio or quaint little entertainment area. It’s an ideal option for small gatherings and can heat a conservative area quite quickly. What’s more, a patio heater is portable. You can move it where you see fit and power it with bottled gas. Other fuel types might be worth your consideration too.

A Fire Pit

If you’re a massive camping fan, then why not bring that campfire ambience home with you? Thanks to fire pits, you can incorporate a classic campfire vibe into your landscape design. It can feature blocks or bricks in a circle and has a central space for firewood. A brazier or fire bowl in your courtyard can have the same effect as well. There’s nothing quite like the gentle crackling of flames in the background as you entertain your guests.

Spa Pool

Technically, a spa pool is not an outside source of heating, but it can be. If the night air is crisp, you can invite your guests to step into a hot, bubbling pool of water. You can keep them out in the open air, under shelter, and buy them for upwards of two people. The beauty of a spa pool is that it can become a focal point in your landscape design, with everything centred around it.

Radiant Heaters

Many outdoor heating sources run on bottled gas. While gas is affordable, it can run out at the most inconvenient times. Instead of worrying about whether you’ll have enough gas to get you through a chilly night of entertainment, consider radiant heaters. These electric heaters are installed underneath overhead structures and radiate head downward. Many people install them in their balconies or pergolas.

Radiant heaters are a preferred option for many people because they are often energy-efficient and subtle. They don’t have to be a feature of your outdoor space.

Gas Fires

If you have a covered entertainment area that flows from the inside of your home to the outdoors, then have you considered a gas fire? With enough protection from the elements, it can be a versatile and convenient form of heating for outdoor gatherings. Many gas fires for external use are also attractive, which means they can become a feature of winter party, rather than just a mere heating source.

Outdoor heating can be necessary for the middle of winter, but how do you know where to begin? Talk to your local landscape design expert about the best and most attractive outdoor heating sources for your property.