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The Importance of Safety Nets

The Importance of Safety Nets

Whilst netting suppliers are asked to manufacture nets for many different purposes, one in particular which is regarded as very important by many, is a safety net. Whilst it is important to use safe and reliable tools, whether they be manual or Robotic Tools , it is also extremely important to have safety nets surrounding unsafe work areas. Safety nets have on many occasions been the difference between individuals surviving an accident and not, and as such, it means that safety nets can literally be the difference between life and death.

Safety nets are used in all kinds of scenarios and situations, with some of those being mandatory due to safety laws and regulations, and in some cases, they are used as an additional safety measure although not a legal requirement. The key to a safety net providing the maximum amount of protection is that the type of safety net chosen is the correct one.

The actual safety net you might use will be based upon several factors such as what the risk is, the area in which it is going to be used, and what specifically it is designed to ‘catch’.  The assumption is often made that a safety net is only for catching someone who has fallen from a height, however, safety nets can also be used to protect individuals from equipment or debris falling from above.

The locations in which safety nets are used also vary, although there are somewhere they are a key element of the safety precautions. A prime example of this is the construction industry with construction sites notorious for being dangerous working environments. Machinery, tools, and construction materials are just a few of the items that could potentially fall and seriously injure or even kill someone below if they were to strike them.

In addition, within a construction site walkways and walking surfaces are especially risky for construction workers and the sad statistic is that more fatalities occur within the construction industry from falls than any reason. This fact alone means that the use of safety nets within construction sites can be crucial in preventing serious injury or death from falls.

Whilst there are many standard-sized safety nets that a net manufacturer might produce, in many scenarios, including constructions sites, it may be more appropriate to use a custom net. This would not only ensure that the most appropriate size safety net is used but also the correct one for the particular risks.

Not all safety nets are for vertical falls, and so some might be to protect people from items moving horizontally through the air, such as a cricket net. For this reason, if you need a safety net, and a custom net is going to be the most likely option, then there are several questions which you need to answer before asking your net manufacturer to produce it.

Questions such as:

  • Is The Safety Net Designed To Catch Large Items, Small Items, Or People Who Have Fallen?
  • What Is It Protecting? E.G. People? Glass Panels? Cars?
  • If People, Which People? E.G. Passers-By? Construction Workers? Warehouse Personnel?
  • What Material Should The Safety Net Be Made From? Options Can Include Steel, Plastic, Rope
  • Will The Safety Net Be Positioned Vertically Or Horizontally?

If you are unsure about the answers to any of these questions, then do not hesitate to ask your net suppliers, for their advice. Bear in mind this net is going to be used for the safety of individuals so it is imperative that it is manufactured to the correct specifications for the purpose it will be used for. Net manufacturers are experts in safety net production so they will be able to advise you what you need.