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The 4 Best Kinds of Security Fencing You Should be Investing In

Security is an important aspect of all areas of life. Whether a property is of a residential character, or of a commercial nature, security is extremely important. Homes need to be secured against threats to property and lives, while commercial establishments require protection against loss of sensitive information in addition to safeguarding property and lives.

So, no matter what category you fall in, if you are considering the option of investing in a dependable security fencing system, it is best to learn the facts about the best kinds of fencing before you seal a deal. That way, you can make an informed decision.

Palisade Security Fencing

Palisade fencing involves barriers created from hot and cold sections of rolled steel. The metal plates come in two variations – a D and a W. This terminology refers to the pale profiles of the fences. Out of the two, the latter offers more stringent protection. The fence can also be modified to include triple pointed spikes and razor wire, thus increasing the level of protection. Palisade fencing comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, and is available in a variety of heights. Although the price may appear to be on the higher end, the impenetrable security offered is worth it. 

Chain Link Fencing

This is a popular choice for large establishments, schools, factory units, and zoos. The chain mesh is supported by the metal posts or concrete poles that it is attached around. It can be used to fulfil the security requirements in an establishment, or to demarcate specific areas and distinguish them from one another. Since chain link fencing is not exactly easy on the eyes, it is advisable to coat them with green or black plastic, or to have them galvanized. You can also use them with barbed wires or razor wires to ensure better security levels. These wires can be placed on the top of the chain mesh wall. 

Wooden Hoarding Fence

This is the ideal fencing method for circumstances and locations that require temporary protection. It comes at a very affordable price. The fencing system consists of reinforced wooden boards that are secured together with wooden posts. The entire set up is then set in concrete to add strength and durability. The best part is that it can be painted according to your choice. Interestingly, for something that was intended to be a temporary setup, wooden hoarding fences can only be pried apart by using machinery. This is a testimony to how strong and secure these fences actually are. 

Metal Hoarding Fence

Metal hoarding fences are more permanent than their wooden counterparts. Consequently, they are priced higher as well. However, if you seek to offer long-term protection, this is the best bet. The use of steel and timber posts in combination with metal hoarding increases the strength of the fencing, while making use of demountable posts can add to the flexibility. This kind of fencing can be custom painted as well. Another advantage of metal hoarding fences is that the setup can be reused according to the necessity of the user. Ideally, metal hoarding fences are used in school compounds and apartment complexes. They can be combined with barbed wire to provide better protection.