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US metal workers, Australia wants you

AMERICA’S manufacturing slump could be Australia’s gain, as the Queensland government launched a recruitment drive in the US ‘rust belt’ for metal workers, fitters and engineers.
Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Minnesota are suffering from record unemployment as manufacturing plants shut down or lay off hundreds of workers. The exodus of jobs to China has emerged as a major issue in the race for the next US President.
Peter Beattie, Queensland’s Los Angeles-based US trade commissioner, has started running a media campaign seeking skilled workers. The sunny state is particularly looking for boiler makers, welders, diesel fitters and engineers.
The advertisements contrast Queensland’s climate with the freezing conditions found in the northeast of the US during winter. They also focus on the language similarities, family and education, wage structure and worker benefits.
According to the State Government and employers, hundreds of places are open for skilled workers. They say American workers are well trained and skilled, would enjoy the relaxed lifestyle down under and fit in well with the local communities.